Smart Trailers.

We make towing and backing up easy!

Whether you are looking to haul your motorcycle, golf cart, Can Am Spider, ATV or dirt bikes, we’ve got a trailer that you can park and unload just about anywhere. Really.

Plus, Smart Trailers are made in the USA and are guaranteed to never jackknife.

Smart Trailers:

  • Back up in tight spaces
  • Stay behind your tow vehicle
  • Can be pulled by anyone
  • Are easily loaded

Our unique swivel wheel trailers are guaranteed to never jackknife!

Motorcycle<br />


from $2,895.

Smart Trailers are a great solution for hauling scooters to Harley full dressers.

Golf Cart<br />

Golf Cart

from $3,695.

Hauling your golf cart behind your motor home or 5th wheel has never been easier.

ATV<br />


from $3,695.

Whether your needs are recreational or hunting our unique swivel wheel trailers get the job done.

Mobility<br />


from $4,295.

Smart Trailers has specific designs for Trackchairs and scooters.

Can Am Spider Trailers

from $4,495.

Our 3 and 4 wheel Smart trailers with swivel wheel assemblies have the capacity to carry and the stability to load needed for Spiders. Plus these Smart Trailers have practically no hitch weight.

Custom Trailers

from $4,495.

Not finding what you’re looking for? We can customize a trailer specifically for your hauling needs with 3 and 4 wheels.

Backing a trailer has never been easier!

There is no reason why you can’t take your motorcycle, golf cart or ATV with you when you travel!

We lovingly say that our trailers are smarter than other trailers. Why? Because anyone can maneuver, hook up and tow our trailers – anyone.

And, Smart Trailers can be pulled behind just about any vehicle, motor home or fifth wheel.

Financing is Now Available!

Imagine parallel parking your trailer on a downtown street.

With Smart Trailer’s swivel wheel technology, you can!

It’s now even easier to own a Smart Trailer with our financing options. Contact us to learn more!