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Discounted Trailer Model RL100

Welcome to the Cyber Home of The Patented No-JAK Swivel-Wheel Trailers!

They Are Different! We make a tough job easy!

Smart Trailers Trailer Sales Offers Durable Rugged RV Trailers, ATV Trailers, Golf Cart Trailers, Motorcycle Trailers guaranteed not to jack knife!

Since 1995, Smart Trailers has been the world’s leading authority on swivel wheel trailers. Our trailers are designed with public safety and consumer convenience in mind. The fact that we were the first to produce the swivel wheel trailers into the market place in the early 1990s does not make our product the best. It is the advanced engineering and design together with unequaled craftsmanship that has earned Smart Trailers the favorable reputation that we enjoy today.

Our No-JAK, swivel wheel trailers are suitable for many uses including transporting your ATVs; golf carts; motorcycles and dirt bikes; farm products; mobility scooters; industrial equipment such as welding machines, cement mixers, spraying equipment; camping equipment; generators; and more!

The No-JAK haulers are ruggedly built to withstand the rigors of highway travel and are easily stored indoors when not in use. Just stand it up against the wall. The single wheel trailers are suitable for most vehicles that use a Class II or III receiver-type hitch. For double wheel trailers, we recommend a Class III or IV receiver-type hitch. The dynamics of using a swivel wheel trailer are entirely different from those of a traditional-type trailer. Because of our unique universal, 2-point hitch adapter, our trailers require only a single port receiver opening on your trailer hitch.

All swivel wheel trailers will have the swivel wheel near the rear end of the trailer in order for it to perform properly. This means you will have a tongue weight of 45-50% of your gross weight.

Click below to watch a short video of how the swivel wheel trailer works and interacts with our unique 2-point hitch adaptor. When backing your vehicle, the hitch adapter interacts with the swivel wheel and will not let the trailer jackknife. Guaranteed!

The No-Jak trailers are designed to be used primarily on hard surface roads. Always use caution when using trailers!

See our Hitch Adapters for more information.

Please visit our friends at ReadyBrake for towing laws for your state!